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Paul Tebbatt
  Biography Statement
I did a degree in computer science back in the stone age. This was so long ago that we didn’t have
monitors, the computer communicated through a teletype. I was always interested in computer
graphics but I became frustrated with how little the computer could do.

For some time I taught computing and developed an interest in ceramics on the side. This interest took
over and I gave up teaching to make wood and oil fired saltglaze. During this period we home
educated our two children because the oldest is autistic. He is now doing a degree in computing and
maths. I used to have a group of home educated children for pottery and I learned a lot from them.
At about this time I developed a neurological illness that affects my arms and legs and nibbles away at
my brain. I always mention this once so that people have an explanation for why I don’t walk too well,
why I forget things and why there are dark bits in my art. After that I don’t talk about it again because, if
you are not careful, an illness can be like a drug it can fill up your life until it is the only t...
I now found computers doing everything I had ever dreamed of them doing. It was amazing to discover
photoshop, painter, illustrator, maya, studio artist and artmatic. Not only this but there was huge amounts
of people producing art of every sort and putting it up on sites like renderosity and deviant art. It was like
walking into a new renaissance. I have been engrossed in computer art ever since.
I find it hard to say what my art is about because if I could put it into words I would be a writer and not an
artist. In a sense art isn’t about anything. It just is. Also if you say what it is about people only look for
that. I love it when people see things I hadn’t thought of in my art.

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